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Letter: BS program—a great educational reform

Educational revolutionary step- Bachelor Studies (BS) programs- has been introduced by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) in academic institutes across the Pakistan. So far it has been implemented in most of the colleges and universities.

 BS program is an undergraduate academic degree program with duration of  four years and it is a semester system. It is very advantageous for the students because in past students had to complete the course of annual system with many responsibilities. Owing to BS system students’ academic sufferings have lessened and they can study minimum books within six months easily.

The introduction of BS program (16 years education) in all colleges and universities will lead to betterment of educational sector. Such educational reforms of higher education commission are praiseworthy and more such reform are required to bring the country among the top countries of the world in field on education. Subsequently our education will be same like countries having sophisticated technologies and best institutes.

M.Ismail Gurgunari, Khuzdar.

Published in The Balochistan on February 7, 2018

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