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Letter: Extremists Destroying the World

By Bahram Sayad

Respect for women has been a part of Baloch history, tradition and culture. However, new religious extremist groups are defying that tradition by forcefully closing girl’s schools. Such extremist organizations not only attack girls education but they also attack Zikri community and throw acid on the face of women.  During last few months they have attacked more than twelve women and they have also shut down several schools and English institutions in Panjgur and Makran area.

Moreover, the Baloch nationalists believe that the attack on women by the extremist is meant to weaken the Baloch nationalist movement where, both male and female are playing a vital role for their rights. The sad reality is that, supporting extremist is one of Islamabad policies to prevent Baloch women from education, as well as social and political activity. So I just want to say that using religion as a tool will destroy the social fabric of the society and government should take steps to prevent that from happening.

Published in The Balochistan Point on August 5, 2014.

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