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Letter: Fate of Balochistan in modern era

Balochistan has a lower literacy rate than the other provinces. The problem I feel is the fact that those in power remember the province for its resources and port but forget the want of the people and their needs. Besides this, poverty level is very low and owing to this people do not focus on educating their children. They prefer their children to do some sort of menial labour and earn some money. Fencing Gwadar also shows the misfortune of Balochistan people. Now they are to get permission for the entrance even in their own city.

I request the government to look into mentioned matters as they are quite serious and should focus on pleasing it’s citizens by facilitating them with every commodity and to respect their rights and needs.

Sameer Umrani,

Malir Karachi

Published in The Balochistan Point January 4, 2021

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