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Letter: Football Ground Shifting

Presence of football grounds is obligatory for those societies where a great sense of enthusiasms exists in the sports. In Quetta, the football grounds are generally confined for the tournaments and for usual practice, but the allocated locations for some grounds are totally out off the mark. The residents of the Benevolent Fund Housing scheme, Sariab Road Quetta, are also having the same problem as the ground is located in the midst of the scheme.

Moreover, it often remains open for all without having a proper entrance and a boundary wall and plays a role of safe haven for the intoxicated perpetrators and robbers particularly at night.

The adjacent residents have also experienced the sudden inclusion of these woozy individuals in the houses in an abnormal position and the road near to the ground is almost notorious throughout the city about snatching vehicles and motorbikes.

Hence, it is requested to the Project Director to transfer the location of the ground to another place which would not only be a respite for the native residents, but it is also indispensable for the development of the housing scheme.

Naveed Razzaq Sarparah – Quetta

Published in The Balochistan Point on September 10, 2015

Disclaimer: Views expressed in this letter are those of the author and The Balochistan Point not necessarily agrees with them.

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