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Letter: Gutka addiction in Windar  and Hub

Eating Gutka has become a traditional activity for residents of Windar and Hub City in Balochistan.   Unbelievably 7and 8 years old children are involved in Guttka addiction. Being children they are prone to different diseases such as mouth cancer ,lung cancer and so on which are being on rise  in every corner of these cities.

According to news report 70%children of these cities are far from educational institutions and they are compelled to work dawn to dusk to get Gutka, JM and other drugs.

There is no   ban on purchase and   storing Gutka in Hub and Windar city.

So it is my humble request concern authorities to take action against this course and admit the addicted youths for treatment.

Sana Pendag, Kech.

Published in The Balochistan Pint on August 6, 2018

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