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Letter: IBA Karachi, a gleam of hope for poor students.

Education is one of the most important things in today’s world which the poor people cannot afford easily. Mostly the destitute populace of several areas from Pakistan –including Balochistan and some other areas– are deprived of getting higher education. They work on daily wages to earn for the food of three times; similarly the down-and-out individuals of such areas are moseying from the indispensable education which is extremely essential for entire human beings. But now this problem seems to have an end, after the Institute of Business Administration University of Karachi which is renowned as one of the biggest university of Pakistan lunched scholarships for these talented but poor people who wish to get higher education.

A year ago, IBA (Institute of Business Administration) Karachi lunched scholarships for Balochistan named BTHP (Balochistan talent hunt program) and KPKTHP (KPK talent hunt program). This fully funded scholarship is providing every facility to its students. I really appreciate the coordinator of IBA Karachi for taking a great step for Balochistan and KPKTHP. Thus I request to the talented students of Balochistan and KPK not to miss this golden opportunity; to profit from this fully funded scholarship and have a accomplished education at IBA Karachi.

Atiq Ali Jan
Turbat Kech

Published in The Balochistan Point on September 17, 2016

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