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Letter: Jobs for disabled persons

Although Pakistan is included among the developing countries and over the years the country has developed in many fields but the governments have failed to support and facilitate the most deserving class of our society: the disabled persons. (Known as special person throughout the world).

The disabled persons are estimated to be around 2.5 percent of whole population of Pakistan. In every country special funds and jobs are provided to the disabled persons. It is ironical that in Pakistan disabled persons are forced to beg in the streets and posh areas of cities. They beg for a survival as there remain very limited options with a disable person in this part of the world.

The life of a disable person is totally dark in countries like us for they do not receive any support from any side. Earlier jobs were available in different departments for the disabled but now these jobs seem to have been finished.

I request the concerned authorities to provide jobs to the disabled persons so that they can also spend a happy life. Government should provide a special quota of jobs in all departments for the disabled. They should improve and activate the existing Pakistan Bait ul Mall institution that may help them spend a honorable life.

Sana Samad, Turbat.

Published in The Balochistan Point on October 20, 2016

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