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Letter: Killing of lawyers

Like the journalists, the killing of lawyers is becoming very common in Pakistan. The biggest example is Quetta blast which killed more than 60 lawyers; an entire generation of lawyers was killed in one city. The attack was planned as before a lawyer was killed then more than 200 lawyers gathered at hospital and they were attacked.

Since 2010, the extremism against lawyers is continued and several lawyers have been killed. It was estimated that before the Quetta’s tragedy, already around 70 lawyers were killed in the country. The journalists and lawyers are being targeted because they are the people who are using the power of education to bring positive changes. Unfortunately, none the journalist s or lawyer s is protected. Thus, concerned authorities are requested to provide security to the lawyers and ensure full safety.

Sanaullah Samad

Published in The Balochistan Point on August 24, 2016

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