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Letter: Lack of classrooms in Girls’ Degree College Turbat

Girls Degree Collage Turbat does not have enough classroom to accommodate the students. On the other hand, government of Balochistan has recently initiated B.S program. With already limited number of classrooms, the students are facing more issues as the number of students is growing every year. Several classes are taken in laboratory. The issues will increase during the summer when the practical examinations of students begin which will require the laboratory. Students can be more productive when they are given better environment but having so many issues all together has disturbed the overall environment of the college and has created distraction for the students.

It is requested to Government of Balochistan to take necessary action as soon as possible.

Adila Nijam
Shal Absor, Kech.

Published in The Balochistan Point on December 28, 2017

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