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Letter: Mama Qadeer’s struggle and role of media

Qadeer Baloch has been struggling for the safe recovery of abducted Baloch persons; his infatuation for the release of them compelled him to raise the voice against human rights abuse in Balochistan. The double-troubling long March from Quetta to Lahore has veritably exposed the reality to people of Pakistan. Unfortunately, the long march and facts about Balochistan have always been concealed to majority of Pakistan. Electronic media plays an enigmatic role regarding alarming circumstances for resolvability. Regrettably, the electronic media hardly covers Balochistan.

No response to Qadeer Baloch  is a threat to humanitarianism, which is quite common in Balochistan. It is need of the hour that government should take a serious measure for the release of the missing persons that it would be facilitate to save the situation of Balochistan.

Qasum Baloch

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