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Letter: No Change In Plight Of Balochistan

The Nationalist government promised to the nation that it would change the present socio-political system of province. After over Two years of the new government, there is still no improvement in the law of jungle. Unfortunately Baloch nation is still in the murky and stormy environment as they were before this government.

There is no change in the education sector and law and order situation. VIP culture is still prevalent in Balochistan. The provincial bureaucracy is still calling the shots. Unemployment is rampant and inflation is unchecked, no relief in agriculture sector and there is no end to the practice of nepotism. This suggests that there has been no change in Balochistan after taking power of the current government.

Sharif NuhaaQ Baloch – Islamabad

Published in The Balochistan Point on April 13, 2015

Disclaimer: Views expressed in this article are those of the author and The Balochistan Point not necessarily agrees with them.

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