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Letter: Political unity

In the present scenario of politics, Pakistan is passing from its worst political crisis. The political environment has led the country to a very uncertain imbroglio. As it is evident from the addresses and speeches of the political leaders that they blame each other on without considering over the global political mechanism

It is very sad to say that our political leaders never think of the image and fame of the country in the world. They just use their political power to gain public support by criticizing their opponents openly.

The political parties need to come on an alliance forum and work together for the prosperity and progress of the country. If they don’t do so, the democracy will suffer which ultimately put Pakistan into a very big crisis.

Political unity is the need of hour for successful democratic system in the country. criticizing and blaming each other is not the solution of any issue. The challenges being faced by the country can successfully and hopefully resolved if the political parties jointly start working on a united platform.

Ubaid Zehri ,Khuzda.

Published in The Balochistan Point on April 29, 2017

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