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Letter: Principal Degree College Kalat should not be transferred

It is very distressing to share that the principal of Degree College Kalat Ghulam Nabi Baloch has been transferred. The students and people in Kalat strongly stand against this prevailing issue in unfair.  The principal is the one who functioned a Degree College Kalat, whether we talk about educational activities or his efforts for beatifying college plantations.

Similarly, the beauty and location of the college is the best example of his service and the majestic example of his schooling services is the result of B.S students. Mostly, his vision has been to improve quality education among young generation. Though he was a principal yet he would come and take periods regularly in college.  Thus, he fed the minds of his pupils by his experienced knowledge. Not only he was a tutor but also a spiritual father, thinker and a motivator.

In short, one can say that his transferring to another college is the sign of diminishing the B.S classes from G.D.C.K. This policy by educational planers is not acceptable to the Kalat students at any cost or condition. Although students of G.D.C.K are not provided facilities yet their available comforts are being snatched of which a fine example is transferring of principal of degree college Kalat.

We request the Chief Minister of Balochistan and other concerned authorities to cancel transferring of principal Degree College Kalat and let students and people of Kalat benefit from his kind services.

Sami Baloch, Kalat.

Published in The Balochistan Point on January 3, 2019

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