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 Letter: Road accidents in Balochistan

I would like to draw attention of the media and especially government of Balochistan that the highway which connects Quetta to Karachi is a very busy highway. Twenty four hours massive traffic can be seen on the highway.

Road accidents are very usual occurrences on this highway. Each year hundreds of precious lives are lost due to reckless driving by the coach drivers and over speeding/overtaking.  

Passengers are badly compelled to travel in such life threatening buses as there is no alternative, so they travel in these life-threatening buses. It can be said that the drivers are easily playing with lives of passengers as buses drivers always try to over speed in contest with other drivers which ultimately causes causalities. It is very painful to say that despite of such usual accidents on the highway, the concerned highway authorities and government of Balochistan have turned deaf ear on this issue.

Media must highlight road accidents on priority basis and show the negligence of drivers of coaches. I suggest that strict action should be taken against those found responsible of road accidents & there must be ban on over speeding throughout the province.

Ubaid zehri, Khuzdar

Published in The Balochistan Point on July 3, 2017

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