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Letter: Shortage of Gas in Kalat

Supply of Sui Southern Gas to Kalat city was inaugurated by Ex-Prime Minister Zafarullah Jamali and later millions of rupees were utilized for installing Gas Meters and heaters, however, this could not last for long and soon citizens of Kalat confronted poor supply of Gas which is still continued.

The supply of Gas to Kalat city was considered a blessing as Kalat becomes very cold in winter and there is no low-cost alternate for firewood. The wood is very expensive and poor people cannot afford it, on the other hand, juniper forest of Harboi is being chopped which is another loss for the area.

The Gas office issues monthly bills to the citizens of Kalat regularly but in return they receive no Gas for domestic purpose and use it as source of fire against cold season. The aged people and children suffer a lot due to the Gas load shedding in winter and suffer from diseases caused by cold season.

A Number of protests have been staged for proper supply of Gas and load shedding but it has never been taken serious by the concerned authorities. Sometimes the Gas is released in the midnights which not only useless but also dangerous because it has resulted lots of explosion and burn injuries of women, children and men.

The concerned authorities and chief minister of Balochistan are requested to take notice against the suffering of people in Kalat in winter and get assured Gas supply schedule for Kalat city with no load shedding.

Shahista Khan, Kalat.

Published in The Balochistan Point on October 27, 2017

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