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Letter: the causes of child Labour

Children Labour is an outcome of excruciating poverty, mainly concentrated in rural areas. In Pakistan institute of labour education and research “PILER” tells that child labour in the country quadrupled during the last two decades.

Since 1996 children are ignored. The reality is that under privileged make their children work in rich people home and middle class because they cannot afford to feed them. According to statistics of the ministry for planning and development and reforms, 29.5 percent of the country population or around 55 million people live below the official poverty line of Rs 3,030 per month.

Ironically, a small middle class family would spend this account on one meal. However, a poor worker is most likely to do with this meager amount to fulfill his family’s or monthly needs.

 It would be naive to expect poor to either keep their children at home or send them in school. Most children from poor families are forced to find job and fulfill the needs of their family. 

Dolat khan 

Published in The Balochistan Point on January 30, 2017


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