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Letter: The Challenges of Good Governance

Governance has become a concept that is difficult to define. “Good governance” is abused by its indicators which are difficult to achieve at a time. It is not true by improving the governance our social and managerial problems will be solved. There is short term response by the governing body but that does not mean that it will have a long term solutions.

One of the most important questions about governance is itself its explanation. There will be different answers by scholars if they are asked to explain good governance. Despite all this ambiguity to explain governance, the simplest definition of governance is nothing less than the conduct of the government.

For good governance, good institutions are required. Scholars are of the opinion that government should ensure security, equality, law and order, protection of property rights, control of corruption, reducing the social problems etc.

If we try to analyze good governance, we have many findings that will become complicated to interpret. Hence, it becomes dangerous for the scholars to explain each indicator of the governance. If they start interpretation of that there are totally more than 250 indicators to explain.

On the other hand World Bank has given some indicators which will help scholars to interpret and for the governing body to improve. The indicators are the basis of rule of law, voice and accountability, political stability and absence of violence, government effectiveness, regulating quality and control of corruption.

If the above indicators improve, it will defiantly eradicate the social, political and economic problems.

  Zain Ullah-Quetta

Published in The Balochistan Point on March 7, 2016

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