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Letter: The miserable condition of  Hub Public Library

No doubt, libraries are vital for students; libraries provide opportunities to the them to have access to the books. Also they provide calm and tranquil atmosphere to them. Libraries are extremely important in a city, where students can calmly study without any distraction or disturbance. For the last few years “Hub City Public Library” is in miserable condition, and it has been totally neglected by local government.

For the function of the library, some volunteers have been running campaigns through social media and a nonprofit students’ organization YLF (Youth Leadership Forum) had a book donation camp for the library. They collected around 1600 books; however, the library hasn’t been functional yet. One of the YLF members said that the library doesn’t have necessary furniture, such as tables, chairs and it also doesn’t have electricity therefore the students can’t progress their studies there. He further added that during donation camp, government officials, social workers, Lasbella Civil Society members visited the camp and they ensured that the library would be functional in a month, but nothing has been done yet. Sadly, the reading culture in the city has almost disappeared.

Lastly, to remind the authorities concerned about their words and promises, they should look into this issue seriously and should ensure the function of the library as soon as possible.

Published in The Balochistan Point on February 12, 2019

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