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Letter: Unemployment

Our country, today, faces the grave problem of unemployment. It translates into starvation, depression, disease, and sometimes the death of its victims. While dishonesty, corruption, crime, sin, and other vices of all kinds are on the rise; a good section of the population remains unemployed.

This problem is killing the dreams and wishes of the young generation and leading them towards failure. Unemployment also breeds discontent in the masses. As most of the people are busy hunting for a job, they cannot pay attention to their rights and duties as citizens. There are some main causes of unemployment.

Firstly, our education system breeds youngsters who are not good at anything except reading books and dreaming of high occupations.

Secondly, the birth rate is very high. Limited resources often fail to accommodate our increasing population. Yet, much can be done to mitigate the evils of joblessness. Family planning must be followed in order to keep a check on the high birth rate. The government of Pakistan is requested to take a serious look into this terrible issue.

Munaj Gul Baloch,Turbat.

Published in The Balochistan Point on May 20, 2017

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