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Letter: University of Balochistan Scandal

This refers to the recent scandal of blackmailing and harassment in UOB. The scandal was unveiled by FIA on the request of Balochistan high court. Soon after this, the news was on the air across the country. Sources revealed that this harassment was continued over a longer period of time. Various means were adopted for harassment, among these, most notable were spy cameras that were installed in ladies’ washrooms and other adjacent places. it also revealed that many people especially the top management including VC (Javid Iqbal) of the university was involved in the scandal.

It is still unknown that whether the harassment was limited only to the jurisdictions of UOB or out of UOB too. This issue will further contract the already deteriorated literacy rate of females in Balochistan because parents will limit the access of their daughters to such un protected places. It is important here to note that the current VC is a disputed personality and most of the student organizations have expressed their doughs earlier. These students’ organization have also informed political personalities and other concerned people regarding these issues in the university but nothing happened and due to unknown reasons and support, the VC remained on the seat without any problem.

 The former vice chairman of BSO Ghani Baloch expressed that the way Registrar and VC brought DR Kaleem at the front exposes that both VC and registrar are making others a skapegoat through a proper planning by shielding and escaping themselves. However, in a nutshell, this is an issue of great concern and we as a Patriotic Pakistani, appeal all concerned authorities to conduct clear and fair investigations in order to bring the culprits in the jurisdictions of law by imposing them with severe punishments.

Jahanzaib Khan

Published in The Balochistan Point on October 24, 2019

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