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Letter: Urdu Medium in CSS

In a recent report, the Lahore High Court Instructed the Federal Public Service Commission to conduct the Superior Services Examination in the Urdu language next year. This step can be a source to promote the Urdu language at national level since Urdu is our national language. However, the over interest in the English has declined the ratio of Urdu speakers. A large number of people whether students or professionals lack skills of speaking fluent Urdu, the only cause is the over focus on English.

Secondly, this option of conducting the CSS exam in Urdu can be helpful to the students as well. In the recent held CSS exam approximately  92 % of the students failed in the English, just 202 could  qualify including 114 students from Punjab,13 from rural Sindh,16 from Urban Sindh, 18 from KPK, 4 from Baluchistan, 4 From Azad Jammu and Kashmir and one from Gilgit and other areas.

According to another report, the failures in the exams of CSS are very disheartening over the past few years with only 3.33 % students clearing their exam in 2014, 3.11 pc in 2015 and only 2.09 % this year. Among these 82 % failed in English Essay Writing.

The reason behind it can be the deteriorating quality of education in the region. The concerned authorities must take very urgent actions in this regard.

Aqil Baba


Published in The Balochistan Point on March 4, 2017

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