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Letter: Violence against women

In Pakistan women are the most vulnerable group in the society. Unfortunately, everyone violates rights of women in the society as usual they are facing threats by the family members and husbands and are not allowed to go outside. The biggest factor behind their backwardness is no education, as the literacy of women is 40% in the country. Approximately, 80539 women have been the victim of crimes like rape, murder, acid attacks, honor killing in the region among them 13 percent are violence, victim of child marriage and not getting proper health care. In result the high death rate of women is alarming. Moreover, 90% of women face domestic violence; at least 1000 women are victim of honour killing. This reflects the miserable condition of women face on daily basis. Government and human rights organizations have to make efforts to end violence against women.

Fida Baloch, Kech

Published in The Balochistan Point on August 24, 2016

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