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Letter: Where are the resources?

According to the Geological Survey of Pakistan (GSP), recently the world’s most expensive metal molybdenum has been founded in Balochistan, it has 0.1 million dollars per ton cost which can be also used for making the aircraft. It has been long time that the GSP is working, and they have successfully discovered 36 precious minerals in the various areas of Balochistan including antimony, marble, copper, dolomite, gold, magnetite and many more. The cost of these whole resources is estimated to be nearly $50 trillion and Reko Diq has a $1 trillion worth.

Pakistan is utilizing these whole worthy projects still it is going backward and considered among the most poor and dangerous country of the world. The main reason is that the resources are being used wrongly and corruption is totally destroying our nation. Even the province Balochistan is completely ignored by the government and is the most backward province as compare to other provinces in any regards. This is being questioned that instead of having full natural resources why Pakistan is going backward? Why people are affected by the poverty and dying in hunger?.

Sana Samad  

Published in The Balochistan Point on February 05, 2017

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