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Letter:  Women education in Pakistan

Education is a basic right which is imperative for every individual whether that is male or female. It is central to development, social progress and human freedom but women are largely overlooked and neglected in terms of education in Pakistan. Denial of access to fundamental education to girls and women is not only a problem of gender discrimination but also bad economics and bad social policy.

Unhappily, a majority of whom are women. Among 149 million Pakistanis, unsurprisingly, of the illiterate population in Pakistan, 41% are males and 65% are females. There is no denying the fact that female literacy ratio, particularly among rural women, is the lowest in the world and educational attainment of girls is far below that of boys. It is unfortunate that the education of women is not considered a means for social change by which they can learn to promote women’s education sector and build the nation.

In Pakistan, female are barred from education. Women are held back from going to school and instead are needed for domestic duties or to help their families. Girls are not given an equal chance to get education. It is the high time to act now and set aside the differences, the present condition demands immediate action. Specific policies and budget targeted towards women’s education is required in the country.

The educational status of women in Pakistan continues to be deteriorating. No practical measures have been taken for the development of women’s education. Therefore, I request the country’s education minister to put untiring efforts in order to provide quality education among women in the country.

Mannan Baloch

Published in The Balochistan Point on April 29, 2017

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