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Letter:Koloai Bazar in Turbat remains deprived of electric supply

In today’s modernized world, not any city of any province remains without basic facilities especially electricity, water or Internet. These are provided to every home of every city. But little area namely “Kholowai Bazar” in Turbat remains deprived of electric supply.

The main transformer of this area went out of order after some technical faults three months ago. Previously, it has been repaired twice with the funds collected by the inhabitants of the area. However, tragically both times it went out of order.

Now for a complete duration of three months, this area has been deprived of what is assumed to be one of the most essential parts of human beings’ life in the modern world. Moreover, a middle school is also situated in the same area which too is facing several problems because of the unavailability of electricity. The students of this school are disturbed and are unable to fully concentrate on their classes.

Thus I request the WAPADA of Turbat to figure out the solution to this problem and release the students and residents of this area from the disturbance.

Atiq Ali Jan

Published in The Balochistan Point on November 4, 2016

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