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Library campaign of BSAC has raised a huge awareness about the importance of library: Dr Nawab Baloch

Dr Nawab Baloch has freshly graduated from Bolan Medical College Quetta. He hails from Turbat(Mukuran). Dr. has been doing students’ politics since 2007. He has also remained energetic activists of Baloch Students Organisation (Pajjar). Currently he is serving as the Central Spokesperson of Baloch Students Action Committee, a non-profit organization, active in supporting the voice of students from Balochistan and elsewhere. 

Aziz Ejaz, staff writer  to The Balochistan Point, conducted a short interview with Dr Nawab Baloch for the readers of The Balochistan Point. He has questioned on role of  students politics and role Baloch Students Action Committee(BSAC).

Balochistan Point: How do you see students’ politics in current time?

Dr Nawab Baloch: After imposing ban on the students union, student politics kept declining throughout the country. But situation of Balochistan was completely different from rest of country and today the situation is same here too. students politics seems to be not playing it’s due role that it has to play. Most of the students’ organizations are affiliated with political parties. However, I appreciate those students who are active in politics. If we don’t polities the society so it will be a dull society and our upcoming generation will make us answerable for this  which in result of carelessness and deliberately less consideration may throw us into a corridor of curse. 

As being a leader of students’ political organization, are you satisfied with the education system of Balochistan? 

Being satisfied means there is no option of further progress. Our education system is worse than other provinces. I don’t see any positive step regarding the education.  During Dr Malik regime we could observe some changes but they weren’t enough to bring the dismal education system to a stable position. Our educational proceedings, the care and response from the concerned authorities indicate that how much satisfactory the system is, we lack all prerequisites that a stable educational system wants. 

 BSAC started campaign for libraries few weeks ago so   What progress is being observed? 

 Library campaign of BSAC has raised a huge awareness about the importance of library. We have met different stakeholders for the sake of establishing libraries and they have completely assured us of their support. Honorable Vice Chancellor of University of Balochistan has promised to open a library in boys hostel of UOB.

Our campaign has got huge popularity among the people of Balochistan. Regarding campaign, progressively to speak, many students have written articles which indicate at all of an effective support. And we have received appreciations from different people. Our campaign is continued and we will do our best to convince the authority to build and establish libraries in all cities and district.

Last time BSAC had staged a camp in front of the Press Club for opening of medical colleges, has it been successful? 

 The protesting camp by BSAC conducted only to divert the response of the Govt to commence classes in the medical colleges which were already notified and announced and this was a sort of pressure which has surely converted the response in starting of the colleges later.

Candidate are in protest against the test, how do you see this?

Their concerns are correct to a large extent. A committee formed by Chief Minister Balochistan has also suggested to re conduct the test. The protest is still continued because it seems the student’s concerns have not been taken seriously.  It’s obviously clear from the CCTV footages that irregularities were on the peak during the entrance test but their delay response can surely demoralize the student’s motivation. 

The concerned Authority should think of re arranging the test which I think would be a better option. 

 What problem students encounter with, when they come in cities for acquiring education. 

The biggest hurdles are of residences. Rent for the rooms is quite much expensive in cities where most of the students go back quitting their education due to financial bottlenecks. Other problems included high tuition fees, transportation   and inappropriate environment. All of which together become the high peak burdens for the youth of Balochistan.

What the best solution you can give regarding the above mentioned hurdles? 

Best option lies on Government, if they are really interested in. Government should construct hostels, provide transportations and take a glance on the fees structure of educational institutes or it should provide quality education itself in Governmental sector. 

Your message for the youth of Balochistan? 

Study as much hard you can. You are the builders of nation. Involve yourself in healthy activities. And be always the part all those activities who guarantee friendly environment and a positive society.

Published in The Balochistan Point on February 20, 2018

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