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Makran headed toward electricity crisis as Iran cuts supply due to technical fault

Entire Makran division is headed for an acute electricity crisis as Iran cuts power supply due to unknown technical fault last Wednesday.

With only few hours of power supply for entire day, citizens are in for worse news as there continues to be no respite from the elevated temperatures in all three districts; Panjgur, Turbat and Gwadar. As a result, all the daily activities of citizens are halted and so far, there has not been any other alternative to meet the shortage.

The officials in the Quetta Electricity Supply Company (QESCO) informed last week that the power supply from Iran was cut due to a technical fault in the main transmission line and efforts were being made to restore power supply. However, after almost a week, the fault remains unknown. The government has not yet stepped in to take any action and the citizens continue to suffer.

The QESCO officials said that since the spare parts and equipment required to restore power were not available in Iran, the Iranian authorities had to arrange spare parts from Germany. The officials also added that after the fault in the transmission line, the Iranian authorities have cut power supply to the region to save their own grid from a power overload.

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Published in Balochistan Point on July 9, 2018

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