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Martyrdom of Ghafoor Baloch and Haji Razzak strengthens revolution: BNM


Quetta: The spokesperson of Baloch National Movement said the martyrdom of Ghafoor Baloch and Razzak Baloch strengthens revolution in Baloch national freedom struggle.

The statement released to media says, “The atrocities, military operation and extra judiciary murder of Baloch political activists can never put down the spirit of Baloch national freedom struggle.”

According to BNM spokesperson two of the party members Ghafoor Baloch and Razzak Baloch were extra judiciary killed by forces and their mutilated dead bodies were dumped in Karachi on Tuesday August 20.

He said “The military establishment with its local government must not forget that the struggle of BNM for national freedom is spread with the blood of party leader, martyrs Ghulam Mohammad and thousands of other activists.”

Published in The Balochistan Point on August 22, 2013

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