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Mekran: Appalling Condition of Education

By: Nawaz Ellahi

Mekran division consists of three districts Kech, Panjgur and Gwader and it is a prepossessing division of Balochistan. It hurts me to state that schools in Mekran are in miserable condition owing to the negligence of the past government. Education is the civic, fundamental and legislative right of every individual. No doubt, the education plays a pivotal role in grooming students’ life but it is sad to say that they are deprived of getting quality education.

Moreover, Pakistan Constitution 1973 article 25 A illustrates that Right to education.The State shall provide free and compulsory education to all children of the age of five to sixteen years in such manner as may be determined by law.
According to a research Balochistan has 43 higher & Secondary school, 836 Secondary Schools, 1233 Middle schools, 11167 Primary schools among them 9399 boys’ schools and 3880 girls schools. Moreover, if we see the condition of Kech’s schools then more than 102 schools are shelter less where students are studying under the trees because of lack of class rooms, and sitting on the rugs. There are insufficient chairs which are dilapidated; 53 schools are non functional owing to law and order and more than 400 teachers are absent and some schools alternate teachers are teaching who are inexperienced; in addition upgraded schools didn’t get the notification yet.

Furthermore, there is lack of competent and sophisticated teachers. Most of the teachers were recruited political basis. The do no attend their periods regularly. Moreover, Youth are the opinion-makers and backbone of a nation if they will be spoiled then a complete nation or country will be devastated.

To put it another way schools conditions are very deplorable and in this modern and technological era Balochistan schools lack chairs, tables, chalks, water, toilets, library, labs, e.t.c and these are the fundamental facilities of life which we lack besides that there is lack of science teachers in rural areas of Mekran and most of the schools do not have teaching and learning aid where drop out ratio is augmenting. Mekran’s Education has suffered a lot due to abysmal law & order.

If we compare other provinces with Balochistan than there is vast difference that in Punjab students are given scholarship, Laptops but our Chief Minister doesn’t pay heed to this massive issue on the other hand we can see in the news paper advertisement that government is doing a lot but they are just limited to slogans.

Nevertheless, governmental competent teachers are giving their rendering services in private schools and centers.
Balochistan’s prosperity is linked with quality education. Government must hold workshops and trainings for the teachers of Balochistan in order to boost the standard of education. I request the concerned authorities to take pragmatic and stern action to resolve the hurdles of Mekran’s school.

Published in The Balochistan Point on August 13, 2017

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