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Municipality Elections in Gwadar


By Mariyam Mohammed Suleman


Gwadar, the hub of political ups and downs from the history, today once more is conspicuous with the municipality elections. Only two days of campaigns remain for different participating parties in Gwadar including the two unifications of diverse parties. Coalition of mainly Balochistan National Party and People’s party along with some other minor groups and the other coalition includes Muslim league (Nawaz), Jamiyat Ulma-e-Islam, with the dominancy of the National Party. Saturday, the seventh of December will decide who will have the possession of power in the district for the up coming five years


 Altering party by our politicians and moving to the other one for self-benefit is not a new thing to be familiar of since it’s the regular scenario of the politics here. Parties change, and allies as well. The groups that were in the past simulated with a specific political party don’t seem to follow the previous one and have found some new comrades. During the last elections votes equaled Gwadar’s plot, it is to be seen what the vote will be equivalent to this time.


 Enthralled and energized public during the previous elections lack interest in addition to participation in processions and political campaigns this instant. On the other hand parties additionally fear any outdoor campaigning. Most campaigns are either done obscurely concealed indoors or with heavy security. Last month’s attack on a polling station in Pasni has already scared Gwadar’s public to cast their vote. Besides being a cause for scare, 4th December’s abduction of two councilors in Turbat has rigorously threatened the candidates already.


Commenced in 1999, by the former president Parwaz Musharaf, the municipality system strengthens the governance from the ground level. It might be accurate for numerous countries but the circumstances vary in this state where corruption had caught roots beginning the ground to the top. After each municipal election, the triumphant ordinary Union councilors and district administrators unexpectedly got well heeled. The result of this system had never been productive though but instead the heavy funds received from the federal and provincial government overflowed the appetite of contractors along with mafias. The unreasonable allotment of Gwadar or the Baloch land, interruption in police actions by ordinary political leaders, the epidemic of drugs and smuggling of Iranian Petroleum and diesel are a few supreme products of this system which were only to obliterate Gwadar along with each district of the country. According to a private TV channel and local newspapers, Gwadar is that city where kidnapped people from divergent countries by smugglers are tortured. Recently, five Tanzanians (Africans) were agonized in New Town Gwadar. Having a great amount of security forces with in the city, still such incidences are occurring; however it is believed that these drug mafias have got backbone of corrupt politicians. The commencement of this system wasn’t aimed to facilitate the common populace but the former president only wanted to strengthen his own position and get his hands on some dependable followers.


The coin has tossed to the other side this time, the situations of Gwadar or as a whole Balochistan has evolved from the previous few years. Handing over most of the municipal authorities to the provincial assembly now, the municipal councilors and administrators might have to undersize their immense dreams. The two famous mores of this region known as brief case culture and plot culture’s trends might take bring miscellaneous turn outs. At a halt several political parities are eager to participate in the elections and have their providence challenged, however seventh of December determinably will let us know about the up coming five years.


Published in The Balochistan Point on December 6, 2013



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