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Drinking Water scarcity in Nok Kundi

By Hassan Baloch

Nok Kundi: There is a scarcity of drinking water in Nok Kundi town of district Chaghi for last four days. People of Nok Kundi are suffering due to incompetence of the government functionaries.

Nok Kundi is a border town located in district Chaghi and adjacent to Afghanistan border. Recodiq Gold and copper reserves are located near the town of Nok Kundi.

The source of water is wells and Karez in the region. The cold wind brings with itself sand which fills the wells and makes the extraction of water impossible from them. Every year hundreds of thousands of rupees are used on cleaning of the wells so that they can be used for water extraction.

According to sources, the member of provincial assembly from Chaghi has given the well cleaning contract to his favorite contractor. The contractor has not done the cleaning work properly and as a result people of Nok Kundi are deprived from drinking water.

Assistant commissioner of Taftan took notice of the water scarcity in Nok Kundi but so far no action has been taken. People of Nok Kundi demand the government of Balochistan to solve the water crisis as soon as possible. If the water crisis is not solved quickly then it can result in a catastrophe.

Published in The Balochistan Point on August 5, 2014.

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