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NTS Test Fee And Indifference Of Balochistan Government

Zafarullah Barech

Clear and distinct voices of deprived masses, calling out competent authorities via different reliable sources, to reduce the fee of National Testing Service (NTS) fee in vacancies of education department of Balochistan. Albeit, many articles published in print media, applications submitted to Chief Minister and other bureaucratic incumbents and press conferences held in this regard to no notice has been taken by the competent authorities. All these requests have fallen on deaf ears of those who are in corridors of power in Quetta.

So far authorities seem heedless for granting relief and confirming their apathy to people of Balochistan. Many eligible, being poor would not portray their efficiency as their pockets are unable to pay the mentioned amount held in NTS. The criterion of fee reflects that the current political elite appear in assembling their bank balance on the name of facilitation by installing meritocracy and conducting vibrant means.

Private academies and book sellers are found with their sharp knifes as the prices of Books for NTS tests are skyrocketing in markets.  This mischief of inept authorities has resulted in creating resentment among youth.

Therefore, it is again a humble request that authorities must direct NTS to alter its conditions and grant substantial relief  to the youth by reviewing its terms and conditions and receiving test fee, else this will create hostility  for the ruling elite of Balochistan.

Published in The Balochistan Point on December 16, 2014

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