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Online Journalism Needs to Be Encouraged in Balochistan

Sami Parvez

Online journalism is a modern form of journalism, where the information is distributed by means of Internet. It is gradually gaining interest of readers globally. Even in some of the European countries it has affected print journalism. Online journalism in Balochistan, has not yet developed enough, however, it is not entirely absent in the lest deprived and poor province of Pakistan.

The history of online journalism, mainly, English language journalism in Balochistan is not old, the credit of online English language journalism goes to Malik Siraj Akbar, when he launched The Baloch Hal, the first online English language newspaper of Pakistan’s Balochistan Province . The Baloch Hal was in 2009, but on November 9, 2010, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority blocked The Baloch Hal, Balochistan’s.

Currently, Balochistan Point is one of the leading online newspapers in Balochistan.  The Balochistan Point is an online English newspaper from Balochistan, launched on October 16, 2010. According to the motive behind launcing Balochistan point, it is mentioned on Balochistan Point website, “The electronic and print media of Pakistan in general and of Balochistan in particular have failed to highlight the most important issues of Balochistan. Therefore, there is a stronger need than ever for an alternative platform to report the ignored issues about Balochistan. Since, online journalism is economical; we have launched The Balochistan Point to be one such alternative platform.”

Founder and editor-n-chief of the Balochistan Point, Yousaf Ajab Baloch says that  The Balochistan Point is an equal opportunity newspaper, it equally covers to the to all stakeholders in Balochistan. We believe in freedom of press and media. The Balochistan Point encourages young writers and journalists to join online journalism.”

Newly another online newspaper Balochistan Voices has been launched by Adnan Amir, a young journalist and   former editor of Balochistan Point .

 The online journalism enjoys many advantages because this journalism is searched based and it can be accessed by typing words related to the topic. The readers can access website any time and it is updated round-the-clock.

For the development of online journalism, the journalists and writers in online journalism need to be encouraged in Balochistan. This encouragement will motivate the new male and female writers to become voice of the voiceless people.

Nodbandag Baloch belongs to Turbat, a journalist and freelance writer. While sharing his views with the writer he said that today’s youth are tomorrow’s leaders and guider so we should embolden them and give them the guidelines to write a small stories in the best way.

 “The experts in the field of journalism should launch programs on role of journalism in our society, as well as the scopes of journalism in the present era.”

In modern technology period it is very easy to publish letters. Because today the electronic media does not require any space as it happens with print media.  Letters to the editors of online newspapers can help writers to raise voice against any social issue until it is solved.

Durra Khan is a B.Com student in University of Turbat and a writer; he says that he is amateur of writing.” I want to highlight the issues of the society and I get information and knowledge by reading and writing.” Durra Khan Durra added.

In order to assist online journalism, people in Balochistan should help writers and editors of the news organizations to highlight issues. The readers, writers and staff members of online journalism have to promote public interest so that public own online newspapers.

Published in The Balochistan Point on March 7, 2016

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