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Online learning dilemma for pupils

By: Jahanzaib Rind

Online learning is considered the easiest channel of learning in the modern tenure. Ironically, it is easy accessible for learning education. In the modern time whole, the elements are subjected to online. In spite of learning, it made easier rest of the objects. Perhaps, people sitting while at home can perform manifold works.

In the wake of covid-19, online learning took place around the world. in short, it closed whole practices of people by imposing various instructions. Pakistan, being the poor country, remained affected by the pandemic. Particularly, education sector placed in the testing time and all the physical and in-campus classes turned into online.

Students, unfortunately, have barely access on Internet tools. They walked for miles in the search of proper mobile network mostly the students of rural areas. It was terrible dream for them as few could climb over tress and mountains but failed utterly for catching mobile network.

Pupils’ dilemmas increased while turning into online classes. The costly Internet packages raised high their economic crisis and anxieties. As long as majority of them went to protest and against the online classes where they succeeded tremendously.

 In this regard, the chief justice of Balochistan high court ordered to stop the online classes around the Balochistan, in the month of June. He stressed for in-campus classes to save the heavy cost of students.

All in all, the stakeholders and government have to ensure and to provide basic facilities to them. thus, manifold and firm steps are needed to be taken in this fora. It would also open prosperous de-novo channels of leaning online in future if government pays attention off.

Published in The Balochistan Point on January 27, 2021

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