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Overlooked village of Kolahoo Turbat

By: Munaj Gul Baloch

Kolahoo is one of the most overlooked villages in Turbat city, where the students are deprived of the splendid quality of education, even though its people are so thirsty for gaining education, unlucky, they are being unnoticed by the government of Balochistan.

 The Government Model Boys’ School of Kolahoo is among those schools of Tump areas which are not having the basic needs and facilities. There is  shortage of class rooms, cold water, chairs, electricity, in schools, hence students are studying under the trees .

A local resident of the area Abdul Salam said, ” There are many rural areas in Balochistan where there is no school for children; they are deprived of the basic facilities such as lacks of funds, government attention and no improvement is occurring in education sector and the ghost teachers are putting the student’s lives in hot water.”

“The students who are reading in government model school of kolahoo are not getting course books on time. The electricity and boundary wall problem is making the students in troubles to read.” He added.

A senior student of the area said, “The government of Balochistan has to have a glance towards the neglected village and fulfill their ground laying needs and requirement. Here question arises that why the children are out of school and their dreams are being crushed out because of not having money to fulfill their daily needs and requirement.”

It is so sad to mention that in Balochistan mostly villages are being neglected by the government where the people are not getting a winsome quality of education and they are totally deprived of the healthcare facilities like, hospital, dutiful doctors.

Published in The Balochistan Point on January 2, 2017

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