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Neglected cricket and players in Turbat need attentions

By: Adnan Maqsood Muddasir, a brilliant left hand batsman and a wicket keeper from Turbat, plays cricket with a great interest. Two years ago Muddasir was selected in U-16 cricket player in Turbat and his next trails were in Quetta. He went and performed greatly and was selected for U-16 cricket team of Quetta. He scored more than 210 runs in overall ...

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Karesth: A brilliant Balochi movie

By: Adnan Maqsood Karesth is a Balochi movie directed by Homar Kiya, a brilliant writer and a Balochi film director. This movie was released in before two months ending of 2018, and its main character is Hafeez Lal, who is named in movie ‘Ustad Meero’ and a drug addicted. In this movie, he has a brilliant talent that he can ...

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Balochistan awaits for development

By: Adnan Maqsood Balochistan is known as the biggest and richest province of Pakistan which occupies 43% of the country and approximately equals to France. One can say that after getting many natural resources, it would be one of the most beautiful and developed provinces in the world, but unfortunately not. Its poverty is day by day increasing in high ...

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