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People are compelled to drink contaminated water in Saindak

By: Naeem Baloch

Saindak: Local people in Saindak area of Chaghi district have been compelled to drink contaminated water just due to the lack of clean drinking water in the area.

Tubewel Water from Taalab area some 3 km away from Saindik is the only source of water which is supplied to the area ,however, it always remains unhygienic .

Though, there is a natural fountain at Killi Khwasti Saindak, no installment of a tubewel in the area has increased in the sufferings of people. The Saindak project authorities once claimed to install a tubewell in the area to supply water to all villages and township but nothing has been  materialized on the ground yet.

A local resident, teacher by profession said “The Company puts chemical into water for the sake of their machinery which does not let machinery become rusty. After a long process sour water is converted drinkable. Most of the native and employees use the said water.”

“Saindak town has six villages but there is no pipeline system to supply water to all villages, rather there is water tanker to provide water, company drivers are bound to provide them water after 5 days. The villagers hardly pass on their days with that stored water.” He added.

A water scientist belonging to the area on condition of anonymity said that Saindak water was checked and tested in a laboratory, so the magnesium for Saindak water was 1.5% while normal water magnesium is from 4% to 15%.”

“4% calcium is available in Saindak water while normal water has calcium from 40% to 70%.Similarly the TDS of the said water is 80% while normal water TDs is 160 to 350.The normal water is having ph from 6 to 14% while there is no pH available in Saindak water.” He added.

A local worker at Saindak project said “Once the project was giving summer and winter allowance to the employees, but it has only converted just name into water allowance which is injustice and hoodwinking in the eyes of employees. “

“We humbly request the Pakistani and Chinese MD either to install a tubewell or pay us a handsome amount for water allowance, because it has become affordable water.”He added.

Kidney disease, stress, stomach ailments, high blood pressure, obesity and laziness have been reported in the area among employees and local people caused by drinking contaminated water.

Published In The Balochistan Point on January 13, 2017

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