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PPHI Balochistan: A good Instance of Excellent Management

By Mujeeb Baloch

People’s Primary Health Care initiative (PPHI) was launched in 2007 to improve primary Health care services in order to alleviate poverty through quality and accessible healthcare and to provide quality Primary health care to the deprived masses.

Then, after the 18th Amendment in the Constitution of 1973, the federal support Unit (FSU) which was the federal head office of PPHI was abolished and provincial support Units were left at liberty to continue their work with provincial government.

In Balochistan, the PPHI was registered under Companies Registration Act, 1984 consequently, a Board of Directors was established to supervise the activities and frame regulations for PPHI Balochistan.

Presently, PPHI has been entrusted with the management of Basic Health Units (BHUs) in the Balochistan. When Basic health Units were handed over to PPHI Balochistan, they were almost non functional and no health care facility was being provided to poor public. It needed much effort to functionalize the non functional BHUs with their pathetic condition.

PPHI Balochistan is administratively controlling about 624 BHUs, 01 RHC (rural health center) and 03 CDs (Civil Dispensaries) throughout province covering 42 % of the total population of Balochistan which are being facilitate with upto 25000 PKR medicine indent per month and fully equipped with needed tools and equipments. Whereas other health facilities ( i.e Civil Dispensaries) controlled by health department are provided of 15000 PKR medicine after every 04 months which is very less and is the main cause of their non functionality.

PPHI Balochistan has launched a complaint cell in its head office and all the DSMs (the district Officers) have been directed to paste toll free number of concerned complaint cell in every BHU (Basic Health Unit) in all districts of Balochistan. The same number has also been provided to Support Group members (every BHU has Support group committee of notables and inhabitants of catchment population of BHUs) who can complain regarding any issue in their BHU. Complains are directly dealt by the head office of PPHI Balochistan which is a unique practice of accountability. Moreover every DSM of the district has one schedule and one surprise visit to all BHUs to overcome such matter and all the details of visits to BHUs have to be sent to head office through a reporting called “F Performa”.

Social mobilization has also played a good role for the awareness through health education. School health sessions, Madrasa health sessions, community health sessions and support group meetings being conducted within the population catchment of BHUs have brought much awareness among the public regarding the health care. The trend of “drug Collecting “has also reduced due to the proper mobilization and awareness which is being provided by the social organizations.

PPHI Balochistan is the only organization in Balochistan which introduced tracker system for its official vehicles being used in districts of Balochistan. The head office can directly watch out the activity of their vehicles in the districts. This has brought a clear and transparent usage of fuel and vehicle by the official of the organization. No district officer can leave district along with vehicle until and unless the head office allows, and this is only when the officer has official work. In a case vehicle crosses the district boundary, the head office is informed through system about the position of vehicle. This is not being practiced in any department of Balochistan yet.

PPHI Balochistan hires international standard, Chartered Accountant and well reputed Audit firms to Audit its all accounts wither of head office or the districts which is done annually and PPHI has also internal Audit which is quarterly done by the Auditors of PPHI Balochistan. This has assured very clear and transparent financial activities. There is no any external Audit system in any department of Balochistan except the PPHI.

PPHI Balochistan appointed more then 3000 employees on technical and non technical vacant posts which were not appointed by health department. Such employees consist of MOs, LMOs ,LHVs, MTs, Dispensers and Vaccinators which brought positive change in MMR and immunization system. PPHI Balochistan has also established Labor rooms and MCH centers which has reduced traditional approach of deliveries which used to be done by non technical women called “Dai”. The PPHI trained LHVs have succeeded to pursue the pregnant ladies to get their birth delivery at labor rooms and MCH centers established by PPHI Balochistab is BHUs.

PPHI Baochistan has also established many labs in the BHUs which have played vital role in the facilitation of poor masses. The Basic Health units being run by PPHI are mostly situated at far-flange area and there was no any concept of such facilities which PPHI ensured and facilitate people at their door step.

Published in The Balochistan Point on May 17, 2016


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