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Quality journalism needs to be encouraged in Balochistan

By: Engineer Saeed Jattak

It is really tough to aware people without any internal or external medium within country or across the border. The Balochistan has many different areas to work on and to spread the light of awareness with highlighting the rare troubles in national and international media.  It really desires some dedication to be done.

The Agahi Awards 2018 held in Islamabad couple of days ago explains a lot encouragement. Two winners from The Balochistan Point, and three more from other media organizations from Balochistan impact a pessimistic approach for supporting journalism in Balochistan and it demonstrate the true commitment of journalists in bringing the real issues upfront.

The journalism in Balochistan necessitates a wider consideration from the Government of Pakistan as well as Government of Balochistan. No doubt, the youth of Balochistan are much more talented just need a few platforms to perform. Such national events will give confidence to new faces and help them to continue their investigative work positively. It may show the journalist focusing more to bring innovative techniques in journalism.  

There must be journalism academies to promote the young journalist and writers. The support from government level would bring many ambitious youth to achieve their goals and stand out for their country in any forum. It also reduces the government work while indicating the core issues with some solution.

Published in The Balochistan Point on December 16, 2018

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