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Quetta Local Government Failed To Provide Immediate Relief

Quetta –   Local government in Quetta, headed by Mayor has failed to provide immediate relief to the citizens of Quetta.

After a gap of more than 5 years, Local government in Quetta took power in month of January this year.

Since coming to power, Local government administration of Quetta has created more trouble rather than providing relief to people of Quetta.

Yesterday, rainfall of few hours turned most of roads of Quetta into foul smelling drains. Contrary to the expectations, Local government of Quetta failed to take any measures that would manage the water drainage from roads.

A rainfall on 14th march has also exposed the inability of Metropolitan Corporation of Quetta and since then no improvement has been made.

Quetta local government has been busy in levying parking fees on all the major roads of the city. Wherever citizen park their vehicles they are handed a parking ticket instantly.

“Quetta Local government is more interested in making money rather than providing us any relief,” lamented a vehicle owner while talking to The Balochistan Point.

Laiqat Bazar, Jinnah road, Prince Road, Adalat Road and Iqbal Avenue and other roads have been turned into paid parking areas by Quetta local government. That’s has not only created inconvenience for the drivers but problems of traffic jam have also increased.

“This is not the kind of Local government we waited for so long,” a citizen told The Balochistan Point.

Members of civil society have urged provincial government to take notice of incompetence of Quetta local government.

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Published in The Balochistan Point on April 3, 2015

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