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Refusal Case: 25-Month Child Discovered with Crippling Polio Disease

Quetta – A new case of crippling polio virus was confirmed in a 25-month-old boy in Quetta’s eastern Bypass on Thursday, confirmed Dr. Syed Saif Ur Rehman, Coordinator Emergency Operation Center (EOC) Balochistan. The total number of cases reached to five in Quetta while 7 in whole Balochistan during the year of 2015.

The child is identified as Rab Nawaz Norzai son of Alam Khan Norzai resident of Norzai Colony in Eastern Bypass area, an outskirt of Quetta. The child was never vaccinated and his father has refused to vaccinate his child. “His father used to hide his child when polio vaccinator visited his house,” official sources said.

Rab Nawaz’s father told the vaccinators that he loves his child and will not vaccinate him, sources said. There is history of travel to Kuchlak during the last 35 days by parents and child for visiting their relatives.

According to the parents, the child developed high fever continuous along with constipation. He was first taken to dispensary later brought to Children’s hospital. He could not stand and the virus was suspected.

It was the fifth case of polio virus in provincial capital Quetta alone while 7th in the province—each in Killa Abdullah and Loralai.

“The negligence of parents led to lifelong paralyzing disease,” Dr. Syed Saif Ur Rehman, coordinator emergency operation center Balochistan, said. “We have covered many refusal cases and it has significantly improved compare to previous year,” he said while responding to the fresh case which is refusal. “We will not sit silent and continue our struggle in order to protect our children.”

He appealed to parents that help the polio workers when there is a campaign.

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Published in The Balochistan Point on December 3, 2015

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