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Seven people killed over irrigational water dispute

Quetta: A dispute over irrigational water claimed lives of seven people near Balochistan-Punjab Border on Saturday. The belligerent groups belonged from the Koja sub-tribe of Bugti clan and the dispute took place in Barro area of Rajanpur district.

According to sources, an armed clash erupted after a dispute on storage of rain water. Seven people lost their lives and four people were injured.

Inspector General of Punjab Police, Mushtaq Sukhera, took notice of this incident and directed district Police Officer of Rajanpur, Zahid Mahmood, to take instant action.

It must be noted that Barro is situated near a Border Military Police check post near Balochistan-Punjab border and disputes over irrigational water are common in the area.

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Published in The Balochistan Point on August 18, 2014.

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