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Society is facing multiple problems due to ill planning in health sector, says President Dr. Arif Alvi

RAWALPINDI: President Dr. Arif Alvi has directed the Ministry of Health to evolve a comprehensive policy to observe a “fitness day” every year to create awareness among the people about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

Addressing a function in Rawalpindi, the president said our society is facing multiple problems due to ill planning in the health sector.

He said, “There are a majority of people who are suffering from mal-nutrition and stunted growth of children due to deficiency of proper food and nutrition while on the other hand a number of people are facing different deceases like blood-pressure, hypertension, and diabetes and stomach problems due to carelessness in their daily life-style.”

 “Prevention of deceases has a vital role for a healthy nation than just focusing on improving the health cover,” he said

The president said introduction of health cards scheme is a major break-through in providing proper health cover to the deserving segments of the society.

He said China has uplifted its population from poverty and deceases with better planning in a short span of time and we can learn a lot from their experience in these sectors.

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Published in The Balochistan Point on January 14, 2019

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