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Suppression Of Dissent: WordPress.Com Banned In Pakistan

Quetta – In a highly questionable move, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has banned in Pakistan, on Sunday. is the largest blog hosting website in the world with millions of users. It’s the most common platform used by Pakistani bloggers.

PTA was granted with the powers to manage internet content by Prime Minister few days back. The first major action take by PTA is to Ban a popular blogging platform.


Screenshot of browser when is access from Pakistan

PTA has been on website blocking spree since banning of YouTube in 2012.

“Pakistan is tunring into a Bannistan where liberal websites are being blocked rapidly,” said a blogger. “Websites of sectarian and religious militants are allowed to operate by PTA,” lamented the blogger.

“PTA is leading the charge in suppressing the dissenting voices in Pakistan,” a civil society activist told The Balochistan Point.

No reason has been cited by PTA for the Ban on and its spokesman was also not available for comment when approached by The Balochistan Point.

The Balochistan Point is hosted on, sister website of, that’s the reason it has not been affected by the blocking of in Pakistan.

Twitter users in Pakistan are protesting against ban on using the Hashtag #PakistanBannedWordpress

Note: Team of The Balochistan Point strongly condemns the decision of PTA to ban and demands immediate reversal of this outrageous decision.

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Published in The Balochistan Point on March 22, 2015

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