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The Apathy Of Dr Malik Baloch And His Allies

Adnan Aamir Quetta is the only metropolitan city of Balochistan. People from all around the province visit Quetta for almost everything that is not available in small towns. Passenger buses and mini-wagons are the main source of transportation for people travelling to Quetta. For the last 20 days, transporters in Quetta have been on strike due to a bus stand ...

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Hazar Gunji Issue: Dr. Malik Public Enemy Number One?

Quetta – The way Dr. Malik Baloch, Chief Minister of Balochistan, is treating the shifting of bus stands to Hazar Gunji have compelled people of Balochistan to ask whether Dr. Malik is public enemy number one? For the last four days, transporters of Quetta are on strike in order to protest the decision of Balochistan government to forcefully shift all bus ...

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Government Should Withdraw Decision To Shift Bus Stand To Hazar Gunji

Sami Parvaz Transporters in Quetta are holding strike against the shifting Bus stands to Hazar Ganji. If we analyze this decision of government, it is completely inconvenient for transporter as well as passenger. As a matter of fact, security situation in Hazar Gunji is very dangerous. It’s not safe to travel in that area after evening. Shifting bus stand there ...

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Transporter’s Strike: Traffic system in Quetta disrupted

Quetta – Transporters of Quetta blocked Sariab road Quetta by parking 6 coaches on main road which disrupted the traffic of the entire city, on Monday. Transporters were protesting against shifting of bus stands to Hazar Gunji which is located in outskirts of Quetta. Government of Balochistan forcefully started shifting of bus stands to Hazar Gunji which triggered the transporter’s ...

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Editorial: Avoid Shifting Of Quetta Bus Stands To Hazar Ganji

Quetta is the capital of Balochistan and the only metropolitan city of the province. People from all corners of Balochistan visit Quetta for official business, treatment in hospitals and shopping. Bus services from all the districts of Balochistan transport passengers to Quetta on daily basis. Buses from Baloch belt are parked at a make-shift bus stand in Musa colony on ...

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