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Letter: Child Labor An Inescapable Reality

Young children undertake laborious work rather than study, due to poverty. Growing inflation has compelled people to send their young children to work for very low paying jobs. Unfortunately a little has been done to alleviate the issue except observing a solidarity day named “Child Labor Day” on 12th June every year. Like all problems this can be addressed by ...

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Child Rights: 25 Years Of Progress And Challenges

Agha Mohsin Ali Pakistan has made significant progress in implementing the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) in the past two decades. To understand what has been achieved and the remaining and emerging challenges, let us walk through the CRC’s history in Pakistan. The UNCRC was ratified by the Islamic Republic of Pakistan on 12 December, 1990. At ...

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Post 2015 Development Agenda And Child Rights

Agha Mohsin Ali The complexity and interconnectedness of today’s globalised world have rendered development challenges increasingly interlinked and global in nature. Prosperity cannot be sustained without finding integrated and common solutions and without the contribution of all countries in a spirit of solidarity and shared responsibility. The post-2015 agenda has framed sustainable development as a universal project. On one hand, ...

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