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Radio Pakistan Transmission or Sports Complex?

Adnan Aamir During the 1950s two radio transmitters were installed at a 64-acre land on Sariab Road Quetta. These transmitters used to broadcast transmission of Radio Pakistan Quetta, 18 hours a day, in Brahvi, Balochi and Urdu. This transmission was heard all over Balochistan, Afghanistan, Iran and even Gulf states. In 2010, the transmitters stopped working. Radio Pakistan, due to ...

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Qingzhou: A Case Study On Culture Preservation

Adnan Aamir Qingzhou city in China is a potential case study for foreign countries, like Pakistan, on how to preserve their culture. Qingzhou is a county-level city under Weifang prefecture in Shandong province of People’s Republic of China. With a population of almost 1 million, Qingzhou is a cultural hub with heritage of thousands of years. Qingzhou has been one ...

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Booming Kite Industry Of Weifang

Adnan Aamir Weifang – Weifang city located in Shandong province of China has a booming Kite industry, learnt The Balochistan Point. Dubbed as Kite capital of the world, Weifang is the largest producer of kites in the world. Meicun Village situated in Fangzi district of Weifang is the largest Kite producing Village in China with 87 Kite production factories. Entire ...

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Archives Necessary For Protection Of Civic Rights Of Citizens: Hafeez Jamali

Interview by Adnan Aamir Balochistan Archives is an executive agency of the Government of Balochistan which serves as the main repository for official records and documents of historical significance. Hafeez Jamali, who has a Ph.D. in Social Anthropology from University of Texas, is the current director of Balochistan Archives. Balochistan Point recently conducted an Interview with Hafeez Jamali. Adnan Aamir: ...

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