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Balochistan: Epicenter of Drugs Smuggling and Usage

Abdul Baseer Khan Balochistan comprising of almost 44 percent of Pakistan’s total land, situated at the southwest, is least populated and least developed province. Geographically the province has strategic importance and shares its national borders with Punjab, Sindh and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) while international borders with Iran and Afghanistan. Pakistan is gifted with 1050 Km of coastline and out of ...

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Drug Abuse Prevention Awareness Session Conducted In Hub

Abdul Jabbar Baloch Lasbela – Drugs usage not only affects the addict but the whole family, said Abdul Baseer Khan Deputy Director, Drug Demand Reduction Cell while addressing an awareness session on Sunday. The awareness raising session was conducted by Narcotics Control Division’s Drug Demand Reduction Cell (DDRC); focused on drug abuse prevention among youth. Also present at the session ...

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Importance Of Drug Awareness Sessions In Balochistan

Abdul Baseer Khan Lasbela district comprises of five Tehsils and 22 Union Councils and its spread over 15,153 square kilometer, according to the 1998 Census. Lasbela has a coast line which is renowned for its beauty and picture perfect scenery but apart from that the District has one burning issue that is ignored continuously. The issue is of illegal drug ...

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