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Zhob-Quetta Route Is Not Feasible For China-Pak Economic Corridor: Rahim Zafar

Interview by Adnan Aamir Abdul Rahim Zafar was born in Gwadar district. He was the general secretary of Baloch Students Organization (BSO) in 1968 when the first spilt in the organization took place. He has written two books titled “Sang-e-Larzan” and “Azadi ka Safar.” The Balochistan Point conducted a short interview with Abdul Rahim Zafar about the burning issue of ...

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Plight Of Education In Gwadar

Adnan Aamir Gwadar is one of the better known cities in Pakistan, thanks to its deep-sea port. From Pervez Musharraf to Nawaz Sharif, every ruler has talked about making Gwadar the new regional hub for sea trade. The city has also gained limelight because of the debate over the disputed route of Pak-China Economic Corridor. But behind all of this ...

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Workshop Held To Counter Cheating In Exams

Gwadar – District Education Officer of Gwadar, Mohammed Jan Raza Baloch, addressed the educators and examiners in the district hall during a workshop as part of the provincial government’s “No cheating will be tolerated” campaign on Thursday. A number of school principals and teachers from throughout the district were invited to attend the workshop. They were strictly informed to follow ...

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China-Pak Economic Corridor: Game-Changer Facing Controversy

Adnan Aamir In a ground breaking agreement last November, the Chinese government committed to invest over $45 billion in China-Pak Economic Corridor (CPEC). This corridor will connect Gwadar with Chinese city of Kashgar in the Xinjiang autonomous region, through highways, rail link and oil-gas pipelines. This project was dubbed as a “game changer” by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for the ...

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Target Killings Continue Unabated In Gwadar

Quetta – Contrary to the claims of Balochistan government, Targeted Killings have increased in coastal town of Gwadar. Yesterday, Nasir Jamal Kalmati, chairman of Union Council Chib Kalmati, was killed in broad daylight. He belonged to Balochistan National Party (BNP). This is not the first time a BNP worker has been killed in Gwadar in recent weeks. Last month, a ...

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