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Turbat: PTCL severely criticized for Poor Internet Service

Sami Parvez Turbat – Internet users in Turbat have severely criticized Pakistan Telecommunication Limited (PTCL) for poor internet service. PTCL is the only internet service provider in Makran region of Balochistan where Turbat is located. Internet users told Balochistan Point that internet service is poor during all the day and night which has resulted in creating severe problems for students, ...

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Letter: Internet Connectivity Problems Aggravate in Makran

Internet connectivity problems have aggravated in Makran region of Balochistan. From last few months, Internet service provided by PTCL is performing poorly and users are unable to do anything with the internet. People from almost every walk of life are dependent on the use of internet for performance of their duties. Due to internet connectivity issues; Banks, government departments and ...

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Problems in PTCL Internet: Turbat Disconnected from World

Sami Parvez Turbat – DSL internet service provided by Pakistan Telecommunications Limited (PTCL) is suspended for last few days, learnt The Balochistan Point. Internet disconnection has resulted in creating severe problems for students, journalists and social media users in Turbat. “We are being told that this fault is due to a technical error but such problems are very frequent,” Tariq ...

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Turbat: Internet Service Remains Suspended For Last 2 Days

Sami Parvez Turbat – Internet service in Turbat city of Balochistan is suspended for last two days learnt The Balochistan Point. PTCL management has stated that internet service is suspended because of some problems in fibre optic system. Lack of internet service is affecting the studies of students in Turbat city. Nusrat Nisar, a student of MBA in University Of ...

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Letter: Internet Connectivity Problems In Turbat

Turbat which is one of the largest cities of Balochistan is suffering from internet connectivity problems. Presently, most of the official work like online banking, bill management, money transfer and news reporting are carried out through internet. Constant disruption in internet connectivity causes people to face a diverse range of inconvenience in their daily routine. Residents of Turbat pay their ...

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PTCL Disconnecting Balochistan From The World

Adnan Aamir Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) is the largest telecommunication company in the country. It also happens to be the largest internet service provider in Pakistan. In 2006, PTCL was privatized and since then a lot of things have improved for the company. Unfortunately, delivery of proper internet services to Balochistan is not among them. PTCL is the only ...

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